A story of survival, infographics, and content marketing.

A recently acquired division of this company provides medical bill negotiation services for medical providers who are outside of insurance company payment networks. It fit in with the the company’s casualty solutions division that provides expert software and services for reviewing medical bills resulting from auto accidents and workers’ comp claims. Out-of-network claims have longer and costlier processes for both medical providers and insurance companies. To bring awareness and create effective marketing results, an eBook was created that used the “survival” metaphor in helping one find their way in the out-of-network zone, along with infographics that helped tell the story in an easily understandable way. The content was rich in practical solutions, substantiated market data, and step-by-step risk averse solutions. The eBook was delivered in an integrated digital campaign that included e-mailers and landing pages. The results exceeded all expectations and became a template for delivering additional eBooks for other divisions of the company.

eBook Sample Pages

eBook Sample Pages

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