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Is Black Friday the New Black?

As a made-up marketing event, Black Friday has become a punch line for everything crazy. Crazy people in line. Crazy people rushing doors. And possible crazy deals. But you know what’s crazy? Black Friday follows the rules of any other marketing campaign you have created for your company. Only it does it on a scale that is out of reach to everyone except the NFL and its Super Bowl and the NCAA with its March Madness.

On any other day of the year, you can see Apple marketing must-shop days. You see credit card companies marketing must-shop days. And the Internet itself seems to have a marketing department that has created its own must-shop day we all know as Cyber Monday.

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Picture This

Those two words are the dynamic duo of words. When working together, they set off a trigger in all of us to do one very pleasant thing: start to imagine. And when we imagine, ideas are born. Good ideas. Bad ideas. And everything in-between. Continue reading